Skill Program

Skill Program

Research about learning shows that strong pressure to perform well (which induces a non-playful state) improves performance on tasks that are mentally easy or habitual for the person, but worsens performance on tasks that require creativity, or conscious decision-making, or the learning of new skills (Gray, 2008). The game of football is clearly the latter.

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9-14yr Tue AM 7-8am Howzat
14+ Fri AM 7-8am Howzat
5-8 Fri PM 4-5pm Howzat
9-14 Fri PM 5-6pm Howzat

We are the first program to run in Newcastle with an A-Licence level coach. Starting back in 2010, Clayton has since completed a Pro-Licence (highest possible accreditation) and completed a Masters in Sport Coaching & a Graduated Certificate in Sport Management. InZane footballer is the regions market leader in experience and qualifications- compare it.

Our afterschool programs are designed for all players wanting to develop their technical and physical capabilities. We offer a safe, educational & motivational environment where players can learn and feel free to express themselves. We run our program in line with school terms, x4 terms of 10-week blocks. Sessions are indoors so we NEVER get cancelled.

Our individual or small group sessions are the perfect way to work on specific areas based on the feedback you provide. Enquire and set up a time to see if we can individualise a program to meet your needs.

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