Did you know that the standard measure to produce an elite athlete is 10,000 hours between the ages of 10 and 18. Breaking this down, this is 3 hours of practice a day every day for 10 years. In any young players timetable this is near impossible to achieve. The InZane Football Academy is designed to provide extra tuition to footballers who want to aspire to be future professional footballers or just refine their skills to become more competent and confident footballers. Each child can work within their capabilities to improve different aspects of their game.

In the UK, Academy sides such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool train four times per week plus a match on a Sunday. The rewards on offer to the modern day footballer continue to escalate and elite children can now use football as a realistic career path if they commit themselves to realise their potential.

The demands of the modern day footballer have also increased and finding the right mix between rest and training whilst balancing lifestyle can prove hard. Only the committed and driven reach the top. InZane Football provides an insight into what it takes to reach your potential as a footballer.

Having spent 12 years abroad both coaching and playing, Clayton Zane realises the benefit of a committed approach to making it as a pro in football.